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Finding the perfect floor for your home can be complicated. With the variety of woods, finishes, and products on the market today sometimes it is easier to start with what color you want your floor to be and choose the right product from there. 

Hardwood Floor Company in Redmond, Oregon

At Stone Works & Design in Redmond, Oregon, our experienced professional installers are very careful when working in commercial and residential settings. Our team will treat your home as if it were our own by ensuring clean air quality with our dustless refinishing process. We are bonded so you can be sure you are receiving quality services.

Hardwood floors are a long-term investment. We offer a wide selection of flooring options from custom stains to numerous pre-finished flooring styles. Stone Works & design is dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship.

Wood Flooring Install Stone Works & Design Redmond, Oregon

Wood Flooring

Our team of expert installers works quickly and efficiently to complete your installation using the most up-to-date equipment and the highest quality products. Your custom hardwood floors will look fantastic once we are finished installing them. We use the highest quality products for our commercial and residential projects to ensure your flooring lasts as long as you live in your home. Solid wood floors can last for decades as long as you take care of them. Installing hardwood floors can add to your home’s resale value because many potential homebuyers find them to be an attractive feature.

Types of Custom Flooring

We offer multiple custom flooring options to create a unique look for your home or business. We will work alongside you to ensure you find the right designs and materials that match your preferred aesthetic. Our team has helped hundreds of homeowners find the right custom hardwood flooring options, and we are confident we can help you too.

Dinning Room wood flooring Wood Flooring Install Stone Works & Design Redmond, Oregon
Kitchen wood flooring Wood Flooring Install Stone Works & Design Redmond, Oregon

Wood Floor Maintenance

The flooring experts at Stone Works & Design in Redmond, Oregon are here to help you maintain your hardwood floors in your home or business in Central Oregon. With more than 20 years of experience in the hardwood floor industry, we know how to care for and protect hardwood flooring. The first step in maintaining your new or existing wood floors is to keep them clean. We suggest sweeping with a soft bristle broom or vacuum on a hardwood floor setting. For more in-depth cleaning, we recommend a homemade mixture of one part vinegar to ten parts water or Pallman brand floor cleaner. 

Custom Wood Floors

If you’re ready to have hardwood flooring installed in your home or business, it’s time to get started with your free estimate from Stone Works & Design in Redmond, Oregon. Contact us today to schedule service.

Have a small project?

Contact us today for information about leftover materials from our remnant yard.

We carry a wide range of materials to choose from – perfect for a quick, small project you’re working on.

Call for a free quote.

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